Draconis Ltd - Bruce Potter

Fine Arts Producers, Publisher of high quality childrens' books, Illustrations and educational shows in schools

About Draconis Ltd:

We are a boutique publishing, art production and entertainment company based in Alexandra, New Zealand. We publish high quality childrens' picture books, produce fine art paintings and tour NZ schools with an entertaining and educational show.  Through entertaining words, music and illustrations we engage the reluctant reader and others fostering and developing their imaginations.  There is a theme of tolerance and acceptance of differences, particularly with regards disabilities.  Our School entertainment with the Bruce Potter School Show has been a huge success over the years with Bruce having done over 700 shows to over 350 schools.  He has worked with some of New Zealand's best authors including: Joy Cowley, Margaret Mahy, Tessa Duder, Witi Ihimaera and Craig Smith (The Wonky Donkeyman).  Bruce also paints large scale oil paintings for the fine art market both in NZ and around the world.  His main gallery is the Wanaka Fine Art Gallery.


Contact:  bruce@draconis.co.nz

The Bruce Potter Show: 

Feedback from the show has been amazing with many of the schools saying Bruce was the best visiting author they had ever had. One school asked their children out of 10 what they rated the show and the children shouted out 100!

Bruce caters the show to the audience ages presented in front of him from y0-y8.  He has even performed successfully to special needs schools, having huge experience with autism.

Bruce also presents his show to teachers as a professional development class.  He has been a guest lecturer at the Auckland University's College of Education.  He regularly does guest speaking roles to many different community groups. He has even performed his show twice at Te Papa National Museum. 

The cost of the show is $2.50 plus GST per child or a min of $300 plus GST for smaller groups.  Adult Speaking roles are negotiable.

Bruce Potter has been creating artworks and selling his work internationally for over 30 years.  His style is generally photo realist  with textured painterly surfaces but he also produces abstract work.  His subject matter is eclectic as his interests are vast and varied.  He is currently working on American Western Art for the USA market but has been a specialist portrait painter and New Zealand landscape painter.  He has taught art to adults for many years as well.  Recently he completed his largest ever commission - a large scale mural on the Otago Central Rail Trail.  This was a super realist painting 54mx2m.

Bruce has written and published five books as well as having illustrated over 125 published books with many different publishers.  He won 2nd place for "The World's Best Illustration" at the prestigious Gormande World Cook Book Awards as well as two other international awards along with numerous NZ awards.  His style ranges from highly realistic (The Whale Rider) to cartoon (Penny the Prolific Pooing Cow).  His recent work has been "The Drizzly Bear" with Craig Smith and "The Time of Your Life" with Tanya Batt.  His most successful book and the one which continues to sell is "Penny the Prolific Pooing Cow"