Draconis Ltd - Bruce Potter

"The Blue Pools" oil on canvas 1.2mx0.9m (Sold $5000)

"Lake Hawea" oil on canvas 1.2mx0.9m (Sold $6000)

"The African Elephant" oil on canvas 1.35mx1.1m (Sold as a commission)

"Gillespie's Pass" oil on canvas 1.35mx1.1m $17000 Wanaka Fine Art Gallery

"The Remarkables" oil on canvas 1.2mx0.0m (sold $3500)

"Utah Spring" Small painting in oil on canvas $3500

"Lake Wanaka" oil on canvas 

"Lake Kiniere" and "Lake Wanaka" (sold)

Bruce also does Master Prints for those that cannot afford original paintings. 

These are high quality prints on canvas that are touched up with paint by Bruce.  They are NZ$1500 plus postage.

Above is my latest oil on canvas 1200mm by 900mm.  "Hunters Canyon, USA"  painted full size masterprints available $1500